Product Innovation at Liberty

ARTICLE BY David Llyod

Times have changed and Liberty is no longer playing in a field where the only participants are life companies.  With information being available to everyone and the speed at which news spreads, our competition now includes anyone and everyone who can offer a great deal! 

Our clients are now able to compare any offering to a whole host of different things and Liberty’s competitors are now anyone who can offer a return or the promise of a return. So how do we respond to these challenges? Given that innovation is in Liberty’s DNA, we invented the RA and unit trusts for example, our weapons of choice in this battle is innovation and our strong balance sheet.


What are we doing?

Who must benefit from a product from Liberty?  This question is pivotal and forms the centre of how we go about things.  Clients whose needs are addressed by buying insurance from us or investing in our products are at the centre of our thinking in terms of solutions and design.  Quite simply, how can we make the lives of our clients better, simpler or easier?

What is really interesting is that there are some quite amazing things that we can do only because we are a life company. We have spent a lot of time on thinking how we can use this fact to the benefit of our clients.  What can we do for our clients that others can’t?  In doing so we have managed to turn the very thing that made us seem out of date into a distinct advantage and value for our clients.


What are these wonderful things?

The following gives an idea of some of the features you will only find at Liberty, features created on giving our clients a better deal:

  • Pay-on-delivery investing

Only pay for setting up your investment once you have gotten a good return.

  • Make your retirement certain

Know today exactly how much income you will have at your future retirement.

  • Invest in top performing funds but with a Liberty return guarantee

This quarterly high water mark guarantee provides clients with the comfort to invest for more performance potential – selecting their choice of the very best of some 200 funds from all South Africa’s top managers and changing this whenever they like. 

We will continue to put our client in the centre of our thinking and provide more amazing benefits ... so watch this space!
— David Lloyd