Easy wins to get going in 2017

As advisors, we have a tough time at the beginning of every year. It is a time when business is slow, expenses need to be accounted for and targets are getting higher. But perhaps the most daunting factor is that you have to push harder and further than all your previous years, yet you just don't seem to have the energy to muster your abilities right now - abilities that you have non - the - less.

So right now, all you probably need is a few wins. Little wins. The kind that perks you up and make you feel accomplished; the wins that are so overlooked yet strangely feel so fantastic to complete. The type that guarantees you that positive sensation of being someone that just gets it done.

Do you celebrate your wins? Are your WAITING to celebrate the BIG results?  Are you celebrating your daily habits and accomplishments?

Lets put this into perspective, take that big goal of hitting big numbers and throw it into the distant future and focus on where your feet are right now in this present moment. You have things to do, clients to call,  people to introduce yourself to, and a whole lot of admin. A daunting goal as a collective, but really easy tasks individually.
Each task is a win, and right now you need some wins.

Introducing the 1-3-5 rule

1 BIG Goal
3 MEDIUM Goals

1- Get you big goal for the day going by saying: "Today I would like to....."
3- Set our three easy goals that you would consider medium in nature and start your thoughts        with: "It would be great if I can get this this and that done".
5- Pick five really simple, but easy things to do. 

Start with the five goals, if its easier, and achieve some wins. Next move onto the 3 medium goals, which will put you on the path to reaching your big goal. The wins will motivate and energize you, forcing good habits into your daily routine. Immediately in the first few hours of your day you will literally feel like a winner.

Here are some examples of some adviser 1-3-5 goals.

Big goals

  • Book 4 appointments today
  • Make 3 sales for the day
  • Study for your exam

Medium goals

  • Contact 4 of your referrals
  • Complete 3 uploads
  • Close two vaults, containers or presents.
  • Call all your clients with birthdays
  • Send out your newsletter to all your clients
  • Call 3 random clients to see how they doing
  • Follow up on your stats
  • Learn more about a particular product
  • Catch up on your personal tax

Small goals

  • Get to work at 07:30
  • Sort your files out and any paperwork missed from the day before
  • Look for content to send to clients
  • Follow up on consultant out standing
  • Make a list of numbers to call for that day or week
  • Clean your work space
  • Drink a good cup of coffee

You cant reach the goal without the habits. Focus on habits a little harder and celebrate every single achievement you have completed. Set yourself up for some wins and get your year going the way you want to. The end goals will come, as well as some peace of mind that you are good at what you do and you enjoy every challenge of this career.