Goal Based Returns

At Wealth Planning, we believe advisers need the tools to help clients make the informed decision. These tools are unfortunately scarce or solely in the hands of the adviser to create.

One of the most fundamental discussions an adviser has with their clients is the discussion of fund returns and sadly for the better part, fund performances are showcased as the only way to determine which is the correct fund to select. 

Advisers need to align funds with client goals, but they also need the tool to do that. A simple one pager that quickly helps point out the top performing and the lowest performing funds by colour; a design that splits returns from ratios and better yet an opportunity for each adviser to click through to the funds of most interest and read up on the fund fact sheets instantly. 

This tool is now available on the Wealth Planning home page and be accessed at any time by clicking the Goal Based Returns button. 

We understand not all advisers will know what ratios are important or how they work, so we have selected a few that are synonymous in the industry and have created a simple one pager to explain what each ratio means. 

Over the coming weeks we will address these ratios in more detail so that you can be empowered to always choose the rights funds at the right time.

Click the link below to start using the new Goal-Based Returns


The below image is designed to help you get familiar with the returns with relative ease.



To download this infographic as a pdf, click here