Channeling clients and better business practices

Overtime, you as an advisor have met with many people, assisted with their financial planning, finalised their documents and then engaged in either an annual review or the occasional phone call. Post sale is vitally important as it allows you the availability to be an influence to a larger group of people. You’ve worked hard to find these clients and therefore you should want to work harder to keep them.

Retaining clients and keeping them interested in you may be as simple as just making yourself more available. With the age of the internet, it has sparked a need to always be connected and to always have as much information available as quickly as possible. This has made it is easier for advisors to reach clients.

Advisors can connect with clients through multiple channels but may be more accustomed to communicate via email and regular newsletters. The odds of reaching a client via a digital channel is higher than a phone call as, let’s face it, clients are not always available to chat, but are likely to respond to your email at their convenience  

In a world where the amount of time people spend online is continuously increasing, it's important for advisors to adapt to this new behavior and be reachable on a variety of channels. If you want to sustain a practice for years to come, you not only need to adopt new communication channels, but also be accessible through more ways than telephone and email.

Being more flexible to alternate types of communication will allow you to improve customer service, gather more information on clients and have a stronger presence in their clients day-to-day activities. Having a more interactive appearance could bring in more referrals.

M.A.G wants to provide you with tools to better your business and maintain that business and has therefore begun this journey for you! We invite you to pre-register for the M.A.G Mailer below and begin the process of mastering your communication base