Investing on your own takes preparation

Article by 702

Original headline: Investing on your own takes preparation says certified financial planner. 

Taking the option to invest alone takes some serious work. The financial universe is huge and understanding it needs a lot of research and study.

Certified financial planner Paul Roelofse says that it’s very difficult to find a high yield on your investments in the financial market because the economy is flat-lined.

The stock market at the moment is delivering low yields and the only place you can get a certain return is in the money market space he adds.

“In investing you want the highest return you can possibly get over the longest period of time because we understand that compound interest is the way you make money,” says Roelofse.

Roelofse says that fees are starting to become a question because if you are taking 3% off your investment and it’s tracking poorly, then it’s probably not worth paying those fees so people tend to opt to do it alone.

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